Event Concept Development

CAD Room Diagram

CAD Room Diagram
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TechniCom has a long history of working with Meeting and Event Planners to develop concepts that will meet both your goals and your budget.

We will advise you on choosing the best location and tailor the room’s layout with our advanced CAD computer software and review the layouts and dimensions with the set-up staff. Through this process we determine the best way to assure that all elements fit and flow well in the event venue, so there are no surprises on your big day.

Our sound systems are designed to handle the most soft-spoken of presenters and the loudest of audio bites, all during the same event. Systems are customized to fit the specific acoustics of your facility to provide crisp, clear audio to audiences of any size, and can accommodate any number of microphones, computers and any other audio inputs.

For the professional meeting planner, TechniCom will also provide temporary office equipment, a reliable computer network and radio communications at your request.