Special Features

Turn your event into a spectacular occasion with Special Features. Each component is available individually or in packages that are certain to provide maximum impact, motivate your audience and create a memorable experience.


  • TechniCom Display OptionsAdd rear projection to a basic projection package to increase contrast and brightness.
  • Include a video camera and an operator for I-Mag (image magnification), which makes your entire audience feel as though they were in the front row.
  • Multiple cameras provide differing perspectives and allow for the easy addition of recording capabilities.
  • Wide screen projection displays high definition video and Blu-ray and sets your event apart.
  • An ultra-wide screen behind the stage can display PIP (picture-in-picture) images at various and changing positions.
  • Teleprompter service allows speakers to deliver flawless presentations by looking directly at the audience.


  • TechniCom LightingSpecialized lighting ensures adequate light levels to capture the best images possible on video cameras.
  • Use backlighting for a clean, professional look that enhances I-Mag, photography and video recordings.
  • Create dramatic effects with intelligent lighting, which can be remotely controlled or set up in advance and programmed to change position, patterns and colors throughout your event.
  • Set the tone and enhance the ambiance of your venue using customized d├ęcor lighting.

High-Impact Options

  • High Impact OptionsTechniCom can design and build a full stage set that will transform the simple riser and podium to reflect any setting you desire.
  • A live game show set is a fun and educational way to interact with your audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • An Audience Response System is a powerful way to connect and communicate during meetings and events, allowing for interactive presentations using simple, intuitive polling software and response devices that measure the effectiveness of your events.

Virtual Events and Conferencing

  • TechniCom VideoconferencingCut down on travel time by interacting with partners across the globe through teleconferencing and videoconferencing.
  • Project your presentation in 3-D for a unique and memorable experience.
  • Include everyone on the guest list, even when they are not able to be there in person with webcasting, video streaming and archived video-on-demand.